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Anniversaries of composers' births and deaths offer excellent opportunities to spotlight their works in services or concerts, to revisit old friends and to perform pieces for the first time.

Here are compositions by this year's "anniversary composers" to be found in our catalogue.

Anniversaries 2022

Boëllmann, Léon 1862–1897 125th anniversary of death
Casciolini, Claudio 1697–1760 325th birthday
Dedler, Rochus 1779–1822 200th anniversary of death
Dodement, Arthur 1872–1912 150th birthday
Doles, Johann Friedrich 1715–1797 225th anniversary of death
Dreyer, Johann Melchior 1747–1824 275th birthday
Filitz, Carl August Eduard 1822–1888 200th birthday
Franck, César 1822–1890 200th birthday
Herzog, Johann Georg 1822–1909 200th birthday
Kuhnau, Johann 1660–1722 300th anniversary of death
Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix 1809–1847 175th anniversary of death
Planyavsky, Peter *1947 75th birthday
Roth, Daniel *1942 80th birthday
Schumann, Camillo 1872–1946 150th birthday
Schubert, Franz 1797–1828 225th birthday
Vogl, Christoph 1722–1767 300th birthday
Voigtmann, Richard Julius 1847–1874 175th birthday

Anniversaries 2023

Lemmens, Jacques 1823–1881 200th birthday
Rachmaninoff, Sergej 1873–1943 150th birthday
Rachmaninoff, Sergej 1873–1943 80th anniversary of death
Reger, Max 1873–1916 150th birthday