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Anniversaries of composers' births and deaths offer excellent opportunities to spotlight their works in services or concerts, to revisit old friends and to perform pieces for the first time.

Here are compositions by this year's "anniversary composers" to be found in our catalogue.

Anniversaries 2017

Aiblinger, Johann Kaspar 1779-1867 150th anniversary of death
Casali, Giovanni Battista 1715-1792 225th anniversary of death
Cherubini, Luigi 1760-1842 175th anniversary of death
Günther, Gerhard 1898-1967 50th anniversary of death
Lefébure-Wély, Louis James Alfred 1817-1869 200th birthday
Messiaen, Olivier 1908-1992 25th anniversary of death
Monn, Georg Matthias 1717-1750 300th birthday
Planyavsky, Peter b 1947 70th birthday
Ringk, Johann 1717-1778 300th birthday
Roth, Daniel b 1942 75th birthday
Schlee, Thomas Daniel b 1957 60th birthday
Schnabel, Josef Ignaz 1767-1831 250th birthday
Stade, Friedrich Wilhelm 1817-1902 200th birthday
Telemann, Georg Philipp 1681-1767 250th anniversary of death
Vogl, Christoph 1722-1767 250th anniversary of death

Anniversaries 2018

Debussy, Claude 1862-1918 100th anniversary of death
Gounod, Charles 1818-1893 200th birthday
Huber, Paul 1918-2001 100th birthday
Tschaikowski, Peter Iljitsch 1840-1893 125th anniversary of death