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Dear composers and authors,

We are always interested in good music for our catalogues.
You are therefore always welcome to send us your compositions by post.
However, we do kindly ask you to observe the following points so that we can process your request:

  1. Please take a good look at our catalogues and consider whether your compositions and texts are a good fit in terms of content, quality, style and length.

  2. Please always enclose a brief letter with your manuscripts and provide your full contact details including email and phone.

  3. Please do not send in any originals, but only copies.

  4. We can only return submitted manuscripts if you provide us with a stamped, addressed envelope.

  5. Please bear in mind that we will usually take around three months to consider your work, since we look at each piece separately.

Butz-Verlag is not liable for any manuscripts or parts of manuscripts submitted to it.

Thank you!

Address for submissions:
Musikverlag Dr. J. Butz
Postfach 30 09 54
53189 Bonn

Please address all technical comments to: webmaster[at]butz-verlag[dot]de