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Bach’s "Calov" Bible

Facsimile edition of Bach’s personal Bible now available

The masterpiece for bibliophiles published at last!

The long wait has come to an end: the majestic facsimile edition of Johann Sebastian Bach’s personal Bible is finally ready and the first copies of this ambitious book project are being shipped. The special nature of the project (laborious production of the cover, paper manufactured especially for this masterpiece by international facsimile experts, etc.) caused lengthy delays in the production process. But the results now exceed all expectations. The three leather-bound facsimile volumes in the original size of 33 x 19.5 cm and containing an amazing 4665 pages are virtually indistinguishable from Bach’s original with its handwritten notes. The serial number alone makes each copy a unique product.

The bilingual (German and English) commentary volume, which also forms part of the project, is currently being produced by an international team of Bach researchers and is being edited by Prof. Dr. Albert Clement, the scientific advisor to the project. Publication of the commentary volume is scheduled for 2019 at the latest, and earlier if possible.




Die drei Faksimilebände der Bach-Calov-Bibel mit Bachs Signatur und repräsentativer Holzschatulle.
(Bildrechte: Butz-Verlag)