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Anniversaries of composers' births and deaths offer excellent opportunities to spotlight their works in services or concerts, to revisit old friends and to perform pieces for the first time.

Here are compositions by this year's "anniversary composers" to be found in our catalogue.

Anniversaries 2023

Bühler, Franz 1760–1823 200th anniversary of death
Britton, Harold 1923–2022 100th birthday
Gershwin, George 1898–1937 125th birthday
Lemmens, Jacques 1823–1881 200th birthday
Malling, Otto 1848–1915 175th birthday
Parry, Charles Hubert 1848–1918 175th birthday
Rachmaninoff, Sergej 1873–1943 150th birthday
Rachmaninoff, Sergej 1873–1943 80th anniversary of death
Ramella, Giuseppe 1873–1940 150th birthday
Reger, Max 1873–1916 150th birthday
Thiele, Ludwig 1816–1848 175th anniversary of death

Anniversaries 2024

Bruckner, Anton 1824–1896 200th birthday
Cochereau, Pierre 1924–1984 100th birthday and 40th anniversary of death
Dubois, Théodore 1837–1924 100th anniversary of death
Fauré, Gabriel 1845–1924 100th anniversary of death
Puccini, Giacomo 1858–1924 100th anniversary of death
Smetana, Bedrich 1824–1884 200th anniversary
Stanford, Charles Villiers 1852–1924 100th anniversary of death
Widor, Charles Marie 1844–1937 180th anniversary