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Pierre Cochereau: New CD/DVD box set with improvisations and interpretations


NEW: Now available!
Cochereau: Raretés et inédits. Rarities and unreleased recordings.

19 CDs (Duration: 22 hours), 1 DVD (Duration: 2 hours), booklet with 72 pages (French/English)
This large CD/DVD box set contains not only 29 improvisations, most of which have never before been published – and including seven four-movement symphonies – but also recordings of works by 30 composers of organ music across four centuries on more than 20 organs in Europe and overseas.
CD 1: Works by Bach, Händel and de la Casinière.
CD 2: Works by Lebègue, Bach, Calvière, Mendelssohn and Liszt.
CD 3: Vierne: 2nd Symphony, Dupré: Symphonie-Passion op. 23.
CD 4: Works by Bach, Franck, Tournemire and Cochereau.
CD 5: Pierre Cochereau: 3 improvised Symphonies (New York, Sydney, Ann Arbor).
CD 6: Works by Widor, Dupré, Cochereau and Messiaen.
CD 7: Works by Bach, Händel, Vivaldi and Saint-Saëns.
CD 8: Works by Franck and Vierne.
CD 9: Works by Corrette, Cochereau, Stradella and Vittoria.
CD 10: Works by Bach, d’Haudimont, Clarke, Widor and Cochereau.
CD 11: Works by Calmel, Cochereau and Messiaen.
CD 12: Works by Cochereau, Vierne, de Saint-Martin, Messiaen and Mouret.
CD 13: Works by Julien, Couperin, Bach, Albinoni and Cochereau.
CD 14: Works by Liszt and Cochereau.
CD 15: Works by Bach, Telemann, Alain, Cochereau and Rivier.
CD 16: Works by Poulenc (Concerto pour orgue, cordes et timbales) and Cochereau.
CD 17: Works and improvisations of Cochereau.
CD 18: Works by Purcell, Bach, Cochereau and Delerue.
CD 19: Radio interview with Pierre Cochereau; Bach: Final Chorus of St Matthew Passion (organ).
DVD: Pierre Cochereau – L'organiste de Notre-Dame.
Special price: € 75,-
(Order no. CD 634)

Pierre Cochereau: Book about the legendary organist of Notre-Dame, Paris

Hammond Cochereau

Hammond, Anthony
Pierre Cochereau – Organist of Notre-Dame
(346 pages, hardcover)
Described by his teacher, Marcel Dupré, as ‘a phenomenon without equal in the history of the contemporary organ’ Pierre Cochereau (1924-1984) was Organiste Titulaire of Notre-Dame de Paris from 1955 until his death, at the age of just 59. He was one of the twentieth century’s greatest ambassadors for the organ, pursuing an international recital career which took him all over the world. Although famed as an interpreter, principally of the works of Vierne, he was best known and is best remembered for his incredible skill as an improviser. In this discipline he was at his most inspired and crowds flocked to Notre-Dame from all over the world to hear him improvise both liturgically and in concert.
This book tells, for the first time, the full story of of his extraordinary life and glittering, worldwide career.
In English.
Special price: € 68,-

CDs with improvisationen and interpretations of Pierre Cochereau:

Aufgezeichnete Improvisationen von Pierre Cochereau finden Sie in den Ausgaben der Éditions Chantraine (=EC), die vom Butz-Verlag übernommen wurden.
In Klammern finden Sie die entsprechenden Verlagsnummern notiert.

L'art de la Variation.
Variations sur „Adeste fideles“ (24.12.1970) (EC 138), Variations sur deux noëls (24.12.1980), Partita sur „O Filii et Filiæ“ (15.4.1979), Prélude et Choral varié sur un noël (24.12.1974), Prélude, Adagio et Choral varié sur „La Marseillaise“ (10.11.1968)
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 624)


L’Organiste de Notre-Dame.
CD 1: Der Interpret: Werke von Bach, Franck, Messiaen, Dupré, Cochereau.
CD 2: Der Konzert-Improvisator: Scherzo symphonique, 4 Chorals sur des thèmes de Pâques, Introduction, Choral et Variations sur O filii et filiae (EC 151), Scherzo symphonique (EC 139)
CD 3: Der liturgische Organist: Diverse Aufnahmen von 1968-84.
Price: € 39,- (Order no. CD 502, 3 CDs!)


Une Nuit de Noël à Notre-Dame de Paris
Choral and Organ Works with the Maîtrise de Notre-Dame. Among others: Sortie sur „Venez, Divin Messie“ (EC 113)
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 503)


Pierre Cochereau improvise sur des Noëls
Variations sur un Noël Roumain, Prélude & Variations sur „Venez divin Messie“ (EC 122), Sortie sur „Adeste Fideles“ (EC 150), Prélude, Choral & Variations sur „La Marche des Rois“, Communion de Noël, Variations sur un Noël.
Price: € 18,- (Order no. CD 504)


Cochereau – Deux grandes improvisations de concert à Notre-Dame de Paris
Suite de Danses (EC 123); Prélude, Adagio et Choral varié.
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 505)


Pierre Cochereau à Notre-Dame de Paris
15 Versets sur „Ave maris stella“ (EC 157), Variations sur un vieux Noël (EC 137).
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 506)


12 improvisations inédites
Aufnahmen von einer Konzertreise im Frühjahr 1969, bei der Cochereau auf einer transportablen Orgel spielte. Zu hören ist u. a. das „Cantem toto la gloria“ (EC 120).
Price: € 32,- (Order no. CD 509, Doppel-CD!)


L’Œuvre Ecrite – Kompositionen von Cochereau
Symphonie pour Grand Orgue (EC 100), Paraphrase de la Dédicace (EC 148), Trois Variations sur un thême chromatique, Thême et Variations sur „Ma jeunesse a une fin“. Francois Lombard and Pierre Pincemaille at the Organ of Saint-Vincent in Roquevaire.
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 510)


Rekonstruierte Improvisationen
15 Versets sur „Ave maris stella“ (EC 157), Introduction, Choral et Variations sur „O filii“ (EC 151), Sortie sur „Adeste fideles“ (EC 150).
Francois Lombard at the Grande Orgue of St. Pierre in Calais.
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 511)


Cochereau – La Légende
Pierre Cochereau at the Organ of the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Paris 1963. „Symphonie en improvisation“ (EC 161), „Treize Improvisations sur des versets de vêpres“ (EC 125) and „Boléro“ (EC 116).
Price: € 18,- (Order no. CD 583)


Rekonstruierte Improvisationen über volkstümliche Themen
Variations sur „Frêre Jacques“ (EC 149), Suite à la française sur des thèmes populaires (EC 115), Improvisations sur „Alouette, gentille alouette“.
Francois Lombard at the Organ of Saint-Eloi in Dunkirk.
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 584)


A Phenomenon Without Equal.
French Organ Improvisation from Vierne to Cochereau

Pierre Cochereau, „Frère Jacques“ (EC 149), „Symphonie Improvisée“ (San Francisco, 1972; EC 162) and other transcribed improvisations of Vierne (Duruflé), Dupré (Smith), Tournemire (Duruflé) and Cochereau (Lombard).
Anthony Hammond at the Walcker Organ of the Cathedrale of Blackburn (IV/60).
Price: € 14,- (Order no. CD 598)

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