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Sumptuous Sets of DVDs/CDs – for all organ lovers!

Fugue State Films – the name stands for exquisite, standard-setting multimedia presentations, as scientifically grounded as they are entertaining, of exciting topics from the history of (organ) music. Whilst it’s always worth paying a visit to the historic sites and the places where famous musicians worked, perhaps you can save yourself the trouble, because these productions bring you the people, organs and organ music as vividly to life as if you were there in person.

Breath-taking productions to make every organist’s heart beat faster.

With their vast scope, the British company’s productions are virtually predestined to receive international prizes, and across the board the specialist media regularly honour them by awarding them top marks. High purchase prices and postage and packing charges had previously prevented these outstanding DVD and CD box sets from reaching a wide audience on the continent. So it was only logical for Butz-Verlag – in line with its philosophy of offering high quality at low prices – to include selected editions in its product range at special prices.
Prices subject to change.

Bach_Toccata Bach: The Great Toccata

1 DVD (duration: 4 hours);
1 CD (duration: 1 hour);
1 illustrated booklet (16 pages)
Price: € 38,-

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Bach’s Missing Pages: An Expanded Orgelbüchlein

1 DVD (duration: 3 3/4 hours);
2 CDs (duration: 2,5 hours);
Illustrated booklet (36 pages)
Price: € 48,-

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Bach and Expression

2 DVDs (duration: 7 hours);
2 CDs (duration: 150 hours);
1 illustrated booklet (28 pages)
Price: € 48,-

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A Legend Reborn: The Voice of King’s

2 DVDs (Duration: 260 min.);
2 CDs (Duration: 110 min.);
1 booklet (16 p.)
Price: € 38,-

It’s one of the most famous organs in the world: the 1934 Harrison & Harrison organ at King’s College, Cambridge. This documentary offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes in the workshop of the famous organ builder and a step-by-step presentation of the restoration of the majestic instrument. Director Steven Benson spent more than a year following the work of the organ builders, from the dismantling of the many thousands of components to their restoration and re-installation.
In addition to the documentary, the box set includes a series of extraordinary audio and video recordings of organists like Robert Quinney, Ashley Grote, Tom Winpenny and Richard Gowers playing works by 13 composers as well as an improvisation (David Briggs) on the newly restored organ.

2 DVDs: Documentary film detailing the restoration of the iconic 1934 Harrison & Harrison organ of King’s College, Cambridge. Recordings of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Reger, Louis Vierne, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Marcel Dupré and others plus two bonus films with recordings by Daniel Moult.

2 CDs: Audio versions of the filmed recordings from the DVD.

Booklet: Photos and disposition of the organ of King’s College, Cambridge.

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Charles-Marie Widor: Master of the Organ Symphony

2 DVDs (Duration: 300 min.), German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch subtitles;
2 CDs (Duration: 130 min.);
1 booklet (84 p.)
Price: € 48,-

Charles-Marie Widor (1844–1937), the most famous composer of organ music since Bach, wrote ten revolutionary organ symphonies that established the organ as a rival to the orchestra, pioneered the use of symphonic forms for the instrument, and sublimed influences as diverse as Bach's fugues, Wagner's music dramas and medieval plainchant into an original musical language. On top of this, his Toccata is probably the best-loved piece of organ music ever written after Bach.

2 DVDs: Three-part documentary of his private and professional life and the complete recording of his fifth and sixth symphonies by Gerard Brooks (in Rouen and Orléans) as well as eight more movements from the other symphonies by Daniel Roth (Saint-Sulpice, Paris) and Carolyn Shuster Fournier (Saint-Rémy, Selongey).

2 CDs: Symphonies No. 5 and 6 and seven movements from the other symphonies.

Booklet: The booklet contains an introduction to Widor's life and work, to the development of his style and especially his organ symphonies No. 5 and 6 by Dr. John R. Near and Gerard Brooks (in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) and in addition the dispositions of the five recorded organs: Saint-Sulpice in Paris, Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléans, Saint-Ouen in Rouen, Saint-Remy in Selongey and St Michael's Abbey in Farnborough.

„It is difficult to find anything less than wonderful in the whole production, with its splendid organ playing, beautiful cinematography of the several great organs used throughout, and scholarly but always appealing commentary.“ [Organ Club Journal, March 2016]

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Pronkjuwelen – The historic organs of the province of Groningen (Deluxe-Edition)
A Magnificent Multi-Media Production! Five CDs; a lavish book rich with colour photos and text in English, Dutch, and German; and a fine DVD with English and German subtitles!

1 DVD (Duration: 2:07), German and English subtitles;
5 CDs (Duration: 5:40), 1 book (hardcover) (106 p.);
1 CD-booklet. In a strong slipcase.
(In cooperation with Boeijenga Music Publisher).
Price: € 56,- (ISBN 978-90-70425-65-4)

CDs: 19 Organs fom the 16th-18th century are presented with compositions from baroque era and romanticism, in addition eccellent improvisations by Sietze de Vries.

DVD: Presentation of numerous organs in the Duth province by Cor Edskes, Jan Jongpier and Jürgen Ahrend.

Book: The Historic Organs of the Province of Groningen – 108 well-illustrated pages in Dutch, German and English with many colour photos documenting the history of the region, organbuilders, the organs and their stoplists. Edited by Sietze de Vries.

„The most beautifully produced volume that I have ever seen!“ [Organists' Review]
„This DVD offers an utterly enthralling way to learn about the Dutch and North German organ tradition, and why its preservation isn’t just an obligation, but a necessity.“ [Choir and Organ]

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