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Pronkjuwelen – The historic organs of the province of Groningen

Pronk A Magnificent Multi-Media Production! Five CDs; a lavish book rich with colour photos and text in English, Dutch, and German; and a fine DVD with English and German subtitles!

The Netherlands city of Groningen and the surrounding Ommeland are home to a treasured collection of organs, many dating from the 1500’s to 1800. In this spectacular multi-media presentation, the restored organ of Groningen’s Martinikerk provides the lens for viewing and the starting point for touring the area organs. Several interviews with Cor Edskes, at 85 a robust and fascinating historian of the organs of northern Europe and consultant to the Dutch government and many distinguished builders, gives the background of these treasures. In five CDs, Sietze de Vries plays on each of the organs visited, providing stoplists and detailed registrations at each venue. Full colour photos embellish the large format, 108-page book enclosed in the slipcase of this valuable set.
The DVD contains the documentary film Martinikerk Rondeau which features Cor Edskes, Jürgen Ahrend, Bernhardt Edkes and Reint Wobbes.

1 DVD (Duration: 2:07), German and English subtitles;
5 CDs (Duration: 5:40), 1 book (hardcover) (108 p.);
1 CD booklet. In a strong slipcase.
(In cooperation with Boeijenga Music Publisher)

CDs: Nearly six hours of organ music.
CD I: The Organ of Martinikerk, Groningen
CD II:The Organs of Krewerd, Zeerijp, Midwolde, Kantens, Noordwolde, and the Pelstergasthuiskerk te Groningen
CD III: The Organs of Noordbroek, Nieuw-Scheemda, Uithuizen and Appingedam
CD IV: The Organs of Leens, Zandeweer, Loppersum and Nieuwolda
CD V: The Organs of Zuidbroek, Huizinge, Farmsum and Middelstum
Works by Bach, Buxtehude, Bruhns, Scheidemann, Sweelinck, Tunder, Weckmann, Reincken, Krebs, Kellner, C. P. E. Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, and others.

DVD: Features Cor Edskes, Bernhardt Edskes, Jürgen Ahrend, Jan Jongpier, Reint Wobbes, Wim van Beek, and Sitze de Vries in a series of interviews and films of the organs as heard on.

The chapters:
Chapter I
1 I Cor Edskes, Groningen
2 I Jürgen Ahrend, Martinikerk
Chapter II
3 I Krewerd
4 I Bernhardt Edskes, Zeerijp
5 I Kantens
Chapter III
6 I Noordbroek, Uithuizen
7 I Nieuw Scheemda
8 I Ahrend Orgelbau
Chapter IV
9 I Frans Caspar Schnitger: Martini Rugpositief
10 I Hinsz: Leens, Zandeweer, Appingedam
11 I Freytag: Zuidbroek, Loppersum, Noordbroek
Chapter V
12 I Lohman, van Oeckelen: Farsum, Midelstum, Aa-kerk
13 I Martinikerk
Duration: 1:52 hours
Extra: Jan Jongepier, Zuidbroek (14:55 min.)

Book: The Historic Organs of the Province of Groningen – 108 well-illustrated pages in Dutch, German and English with many colour photos documenting the history of the region, organbuilders, the organs and their stoplists. Edited by Sietze de Vries.

The 19 organs presented on the CD:
Groningen, Martinikerk (A. Schnitger 1692); Krewerd (1531); Midwolde (L. Eekman 1630); Zeerijp (T. Faber 1651/B. Edskes & B. Blank 1979); Noordwolde (A. Schnitger 1695); Kantens (H. Huis(z)? Ca. 1664); Groningen, Pelstergasthuiskerk (A. Schnitger 1693/1712); Noordbroek (A. Schnitger 1696); Nieuw Scheemda (A. Schnitger 1698); Uithuizen (A. Schnitger 1701); Zandeweer (A. A. Hinsz 1731); Leens (A. A. Hinsz 1734); Appingedam (A. A. Hinsz 1744); Loppersum (A. A. Hinsz 1736); Nieuwolda (J. F. Wenthin 1787); Zuidbroek (H. H. Freytag & F.C. Snitger Jr. 1795); Huizinge (L. J. van Dam/J. van Dam 1825): Farmsum (N. A. Lohman 1829); and Middelstum (P. van Oeckelen 1863).

„Pronkjuwelen in stad en ommeland is highly recommended!“ [The American Organist Magazine, 3-9-2011]

„I cannot commend it highly enough.“ [Choir and Organ, Jan. 2012]

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